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We provide self-monitoring smart modular security and communication systems that let you focus on the job at hand. Click here to find our more information about us and Click here for more detail on our products. 

  • Nursecall: Our stations are not cute and not small; instead they're designed so site workers can find them easily - we don't skimp on size for this safety system
  • Evacuation: Site wide evacuation sirens, available both wireless and hardwired, single or multi-tone

  • Kwikpage: Innovative high-performance wireless security, paging, and messaging system. This enables a detailed message to be sent in less than two seconds to respondents pages, whereas conventional systems take up to 30 minutes

  • Two-way radios: both Motorola and Entel, with dedicated frequency allocation - prices are extremely competitive. Talk-through radio repeaters where required.

  • iSmart video Site & Crane Camera - the very latest technology, with optional floodlight and/or siren to alert intruders. Works with our App to notify respondents in real-time with video clips of exceptional clarity. Activated solely by the human figure.

  • Security: Back-to-base monitored wireless security sensors for tool boxes, containers, & site sheds. 

  • Back to base Monitoring, offsite by A1 certified centre, provides your site with a complimentary smartphone App to manage activations and more.

  •  Free-spin turnstile: 

The Exelarm system grows with you - reposition as your site develops and take with you to the next project. Many of our clients are onto their second decade with their original Exelarm System. 

  • Exelarm systems aren't dependent on the telephone network, and have in-built multiple safety redundancies 

  • Repeater Network covers your entire site - no missing alerts with our products - see schematic

  • Site security, evacuation and nurse call from a single base station - see schematic

  • Minimal maintenance - systems are self-supervisory

  • Entire system status can be continually monitored off-site by an independent monitoring centre

  • Strength - products designed to withstand and perform in the harsh and dusty working conditions found on construction sites and factories

  • Rapid installation

  • Scalable to any size or facility 

  • User-friendly interface

Construction Site Safety, 
Security, Evacuation, 
Camera & Communications
Commercial & Residential
Wireless Security
Hospital Bed
Medical facilities, Aged Care
& Hospitals
Wireless Nursecall
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     Shopping Centre
      Duress Systems

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           Golf Club
   Security, Evacuation,           Medical Alert, 
     & Two Way Radio



Exelarm Safety Security & Communications believes that every person who works on a building site has
the right to return home safely at the end of a day's work.


Our products help your Work, Health & Safety team achieve this goal.

We are recognised as the industry gold-standard, having over 30 years experience in shaping Australian skylines.


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For any enquiries please call: +61 418 214 189  Alternatively, fill out the following form, or simply email

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To apply for a job with Exelarm Security and Communications, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 0418 214 189

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