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The Exelarm is totally reliable and easy to maintain. Crucially, it does not rely on any third party equipment or infrastructure - all the primary and secondary equipment is dedicated and local to the site. 


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Base station:

The Base Station, with its user-friendly keypad, is usually installed in the site office or First Aid shed. It incorporates   a back-up battery which supplies power in the event of a power failure. The keypad displays the Nursecall number and/or location when it is pressed, and is used to reset the Nursecall alarm. It is also used for simple diagnostics for maintenance as required. All Nursecall stations report back to the base station in real time for supervision.


Nursecall stations:

Our Micro-RF Nursecalls are wireless, and easily placed out on site as new areas/floors are constructed - just reposition as required. Battery life is typically 5 to 8 years and is also supervised by the base station. Nominated respondents are alerted locally at the base station via external siren/strobe & Keypad, and on or off site via our Smartphone App.

Secondary reports are achieved by either a local, dedicated paging system (Kwikpage, see below) or transmitted through a local, dedicated radio (Nursecall Radio Notifier, see below) to the site’s two-way radio system. This gives the advantage of multiple redundancies outside of the primary system, in addition to freeing up the first-aider and allowing numerous staff to be notified remotely of critical events.

Our optional Activation-then-Response Nursecall provides a built-in 7 second audio/visual confirmation of activation, whilst also providing all standard communication response procedures – external siren/strobe, keypad, smartphone app, and/or Kwikpage or Nursecall Radio Notifier.


Site-Wide Repeater Network:

The Exelarm enable any site, regardless of size and complexity, to enjoy site-wide reception for its nursecalls and evacuation sirens (and security sensors if installed). This is achieved by the local repeater network. The wireless signals, from both nursecalls and security sensors back to the base station, and from the evacuation activator to the sirens, are sent via this repeater network.

The network can be extended as much as is required to accommodate reception throughout dense structure and large distances. For very large sites, we will supply additional repeater stations on loan for project duration if required.



Innovative high-performance local, dedicated messaging system, enabling alerts to be sent in real time to respondents’ pagers. It enables alarm notification of wireless sensors, including nursecall, portable duress, passive infra-red motion & door/window detectors, fire & smoke, and plant room equipment.


Nursecall Radio Notifier:

Nursecall, evacuation and/or security sensor alarms are converted to an audio signal and are transmitted in real time through the site 2 way radio system. No matter how complex the radio system is, the radio notifier can be customised to broadcast alarms as the client requires.


Evacuation & Free-Spin:

The Exelarm wireless evacuation system consists of a heavy-duty, Air-raid quality siren with a portable activator button, making it essential for events such as fire and bomb scare, where the operator may not have access to a hard-wired activator. The evacuation sirens can be deactivated from the evacuation muster point.

In addition, the activator can wirelessly send the site access turnstiles into free-spin and/or unlock the pedestrian gate.


Our evacuation sirens can be UPS supplied, solar-powered, or alternatively connected to 240V, and are activated completely wirelessly (if local 240V is used). Each siren 240V supply can also be monitored in real time by the nursecall base station, in the event of power outage. Alternatively, if UPS or solar power is used, low battery can also be monitored by the nursecall base station.

In the event of multiple sites or areas on large sites that need to be evacuated separately, The Exelarm wireless evacuation sirens have the option of a multi-toned siren to differentiate between separate sites or areas (each site or area will then have a different sound for evacuation).



Electronic wireless security can also be implemented via a second keypad on the nursecall base station. This allows for store rooms, site amenities and key site access points to be secured outside of site operating times. All security sensors operate via the repeater network, allowing any area requiring security to be alarmed.


Third Party Monitoring with Catchclip App:

All equipment can be third party monitored. In the event of a nursecall or security alarm, system maintenance issue and evacuation siren power failure, key personnel will receive a phone call informing them of the event. In addition, all events are logged, recorded, and easily retrievable. In addition, all events can be sent in real time to email addresses (see ‘iSmart Camera’ below for additional monitoring facilities). Utilising Catchclip, which is included in the monitoring fee, additional alerts giving all relevant details are transmitted to smartphones.


Smartphone App:

Our interactive smartphone app enables tertiary notification, and provides exceptional functionality. The app notifies users of all alarms and events in real time, with logged and recorded events also retrievable from the app. Nursecall alarms can also be reset and in the case of security, armed/disarmed via the app. The user’s email login for the app can also receive all system events – just set up a dedicated folder within email software for storage. The client can have a general login for the app that can be used by as many staff as required, or in the event of security arming and disarming, every staff member can have their own individual login, for arm and disarm log.


iSmart TV5 Site & Crane Camera System:

Exelarm presents our new Ultra Hi-Res Video Activated Smart Camera system, app-interactive, safeguarding your site against Site & Crane incursion 24/7. The iAxis enables optional siren/floodlight activation, with video-activated alarm transmission initiating multiple notifications to the client. It’s important to note that the camera will ignore all other activity other than a person coming into view. With our new 3D human video detection, false alarm are a thing of the past. This system is fully third-party monitored and interactive with our app. Arm the camera outside of site hours, and any relevant images/footage are sent in real time off -site to our monitoring company for immediate action. During site work hours the system still stores images/footage locally when disarmed - useful should an incident occur where footage needs examining, e.g. unauthorised turnstile entry, near miss, accident/injury etc.  





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